Assignment 1

About me


My name is eco110rope and I am studying at the American college of Thessaloniki and my major is Management. I am coming from The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, one town called Stip and this is my fifth and hopefully last year in this college.

The purpose of my blog is to get in touch with other students, read their blogs see how they thing, and also they can read my blog and see how I am thinking.

Like I mention before I am living in Stip. In Stip we have two rivers one is Bregalnica which is the second big river in FYROM and the second river is Otinja. Otinja is the rivers that divided the town in two parts. Also I should mention that we have very hot summer and when it come winter is so could and we have a lot of snow.

Stip is developed city, and it is now for building industry and textile industry. Those two industries don’t polluting our environment. But i should mention that in the city where i live we have one factory for oil that pollutes the river Bregalnica. I mention before that Bregalnica goes from Stip and this part from the river is so polluted.


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