Assignment 2

Eastern Island vs Tikopia


Easter islands get the name from the first European visitor. Easter islands are located in Pacific Ocean. This islands is characterizes for monumental statues, the large stone statue is called moai, and this statues are created by Rapanuie people. This statue made this island to be famous and today is most visited place in world. Easter islands are small with population about 2000 people. This island is 2000 miles from the near population center and is one of the most isolated places on planet. Before people to start using trees for there needs like building boats for catching fish and using trees for fire this islands was full with trees. I should mention also that now Eastern Island has limited natural resources and it has a few trees. Natural resources that can be found today on Eastern Islands are: iron, nitrates, some metals and molybdenum. Also in this Island they have agricultural industry and they are producing potato, bananas, sugar, onion melons and other products.

When we should compare Eastern Island with Tikopia we can see that Tikopia has flourish environment last 3000 years. In Eastern Island and some other Island we do not have the same environment like Tikopia because the expertise proves that there is a lot of soil replacement. Those are the environmental factors but also there are some cultural factors. One of the habits that citizens of Tikopia were limiting the slash and burning cultivation and using intensive agricultures garden plots. Also other thing is that people that where living in Eastern Island doesn’t care about trees. They where using trees for fire, and to build boats to be able to go in see and catch up fish. They didn’t care about there natural resources particularly for trees. From these two islands we can conclude that people that where living in Eastern Island didn’t take much care about there natural resources and people who live In Tikopia take care about there natural resources.

Picture 1

Picture 2,1000&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=105&vpy=579&dur=1&hovh=177&hovw=284&tx=151&ty=80&oei=8jFkTfjXGsmCswaEyPS5CA&page=2&ndsp=75&ved=1t:429,r:24,s:66&biw=1920&bih=936

Picture 3,r:15,s:0


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