Human Population Growth – slow impact – causes and solutions

The effect of Human Population Growth is becoming a serious problem nowadays. Solutions are more than welcome these days. Many organizations and individuals around the world are trying to find an appropriate solution in order to solve today’s most real problem. This blog-post is going to exhibit some arguments, causes and possible solutions to Human Population Growth. Individual’s views are also going to be included into this blog-post, such as Hans Rosling’s talk (TED Lectures) and other. The main idea is to expose reasons of solving Human Population Growth problem.

A hundred years ago, in the beginning of the 20th century the entire world population was less than 2 billion people.
Today the current world population has exceeded 6 billions.

World’s most populated countries are:

  1. China – 1,330,044,544
  2. India – 1,147,995,904
  3. United States – 303,824,640
  4. Indonesia – 237,512,352
  5. Brazil – 196,342,592

The Human Population Growth causes problems worldwide. It does not matter if it is a country or city in North, or South America, East or West Africa continent, Europe or Australia, all of the countries experience problems somehow. As an example, the Population Growth in China might cause problem to the world as a whole. The world is running out of food and fossil fuels reserves, and in a sense the population growth is the reason of it. As number of population increase as large the problems are. Therefore, a country of China brought into power a law to “ONE CHILD POLICY” that prohibit family having more than one baby, as well as prohibition to having a girl infant.

According to Cassandra’s views on the current situation we can state that these people are also called pessimists, catastrophists and doomsayers. Therefore, the main argument confirmed as one by Cassandra’s view is that growth in numbers of people and material consumption rates will inevitably lead to environmental and social catastrophe. As I mentioned above, the world is running out of food and fossil fuels day by day.

On the other side we have a group of people that assert the opposite. Cornucopian’s views are different than Cassandra’s. They

consider that human ingenuity and free markets will allow human species to adapt to any conceivable pressures caused by growth of the human activity. These people are recognized as optimists. This group of people believes that humans are able and will survive under any particular circumstances. The world has already found the way to continue to exist if the planet becomes overcrowded, the Cornucopian’s followers assert.

In my point of view, I must admit that I certainly follow the Cassandras view. I will also take a brief and simple example of how things work according to the Human Population Growth. We all live in a planet called Earth. Since the existence of the world the human being was supposed to feed in order to survive. Therefore, nowadays, as we all are aware world’s reserves tremendously expire, and our acknowledgment teaches us that no human being can survive without food and water.  I also included a picture of DRY EARTH which means that nothing can keep on growing without water as well.

The prediction from 1970’s made by Paul Ehrlich and the famous model equation IPAT which describes the Environmental Impact “I” then “P” population, “A” affluence and “T” technology.  This model identified the population growth in the early 1970s as the most important factor of Environmental Impact. Paul Ehrlich was one of the well known ecologist and prominent environmental thinkers at that time who wanted to inform the world of the overcrowded consequences of 20th century. The model of IPAT became important for examination of economical, environmental factors in many institutions.

Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling is Swedish medical doctor, professor and public speaker. He is born in 1948, and he was studying public health at St. John’s medical college. He also gives a lot of speeches and presentation for world on issues such as agriculture economic development etc. Today he is using Trendalayzer software to present today world situation.

He impress not only me but I thing everyone when he said that all countries in the world progress equal not only in economic view but also in population growth.

Partner name: Dejan Mitrev



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